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email protection

Get round the clock

security monitoring.

incoming email

We keep your email secure from spam, viruses, phishing, ransomware and malware attacks.

By using self-learning technologies, we detect and remove email threats before they reach your inbox. Our protective filters block out spam while reliably delivering clean emails in real time.

outgoing email

Keep your outgoing emails spam filter friendly to avoid being blacklisted.

IP blacklisting hurts your ability to communicate, your brand, and can cause costly downtime. Outgoing email filters sanitize your emails in real time so they always reach their intended destination.

email hosting

Streamlined email hosting that puts

you in control.

cost efficient

Pay for only the email addresses you need.

big storage

Premium email hosting that delivers 50 GB storage per email address.


Features a rich webmail interface that can be personally branded.


Get your email on all your desktop and mobile devices.

easily sync

Synchronize your mobile devices using ActiveSync or standard protocols.

Free email migration from existing email services to mailhive hosting*
Free calendar and contact migration from existing email services to mailhive hosting**

*Email migration only available for the following email services:

  • Any standard IMAP server
  • Legacy Servers: Kerio Connect and Communigate Pro

**To migrate calendars and contacts, you need to provide us with existing passwords and email addresses to build migration scripts.

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email archiving for

cloud-based email archive

Our cloud-based email archiving means never losing an email again. Archived emails are easily retrieved for up to 7 years. Search for one email or many for redelivery to your inbox – compressed and safely encrypted.

email support

here to help

Our friendly and dedicated support team is on standby and ready to help. You can reach us by ticketing system, email, or phone. Looking for a consultation or a custom solution for you or your organization? Our team is available to answer all your questions.

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Canadian-owned and operated

Why does this matter?

The cloud act allows the U.S. government to access anyone’s private data.

Since the American government passed the CLOUD act, they can access the private data of its own citizens from their U.S. service providers through a warrant or subpoena. That means even if you’re operating in Canada but hosting your email with a U.S. service provider, the U.S. and other foreign governments may have access to your personal data.

As a Canadian-owned and operated company we protect the data rights of Canadians under Canadian jurisdiction. Our hardware is located in a Canadian-owned data centre and located on Canadian soil. Even all of our software is carefully researched to avoid U.S. ties.


Select the email plan that’s right for you.

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