Email archiving in the cloud

Email archiving in the cloud

As legal requirements between countries continually change and the need to collect data for legal or auditing requirements grows, having all your email archived in the cloud is a great way to ensure compliance and availability.

Email’s great! It's a fast way to communicate with co-workers, clients, and personal contacts and offers an amazing audit trail. That's probably why it’s the most used communications tool. According to some studies, over three quarters of organizations' intellectual property is housed in email. Outside of operating your business just for today, email should be archived for historical purposes to protect your company's critical data.

Companies often email us asking to retrieve emails from X amount of years ago that have been long deleted by employees. Unfortunately, storing that amount of email data is next to impossible in a standard type of email backup structure. If your email accounts use up 2TB of disk space, 1 month's worth of email backup needs about 8TB of additional storage.

Unless that email you need to find is in the user's inbox, restoring it is probably next to impossible! Restoring a single email is a very time-consuming process, as the IT department plays a game of hunt and peck through various archives, trying to find the proper email file.

It's like trying to shoot a duck, blindfolded in the dark with your back turned, while holding a slingshot.

enter email archiving

Instead of maintaining each user's email data with multiple copies of the same emails over a timespan of X amount of days / months / years, it can be archived once for prosperity. This significantly reduces the amount of system resources needed for current backups along with the space required.

Email backups and email archiving are not the same thing.

Most people we deal with think that email backups are enough to get by. In many ways they're right. Email backups help ensure your emails from the previous day are available should you lose them. Backups are great to have for disaster recovery situations where you need to restore all email.

Using backups to restore a single mailbox or email is a slow and tedious process and doesn’t always produce the expected results you’re hoping for. It also eats into your IT support's time and resources, which can be costly and unproductive.

Email archiving allows your organization to maintain smaller mailboxes but archive all email for compliance purposes. This also gives your control over your own mailbox and allows you to search, read and download email to your desktop, or send it back to your inbox with a simple 'click to restore' button. This greatly reduces any performance issues on the live email server when users are searching. It also allows for employees to focus on the task at hand and only retrieve older emails when the need arises.

Production email servers get bogged down with multiple users searching, indexing, sending, and receiving emails. With more devices continually being connected and employees demanding more and more inbox storage, this often takes a toll on email performance and effects everyone's productivity.

Someone who has 500,000 messages in their email is going to have a bad time.

Our cloud-based email archiving saves hours of restore time to manage long-ago deleted emails and helps to ensure that your email services run efficiently. Nobody wants to restore 50GB of email data for a 100KB email message!

the audit trail

mailhive's email archiving is powerful! Our robust system lets you search by keywords, attachments and dates, audit, tag, save searches and make notes. This helps everyone in your organization, whether you need to find one email, perform an internal audit for the HR department, or solve a legal issue.

With email archiving, all emails are stored in read-only format. No one can delete those emails. They're only deleted once they hit their life cycle, which by default is 7 years. Once emails reach 7 years, they're then permanently deleted. We keep emails for 7 years as this matches the Canadian government's requirements for record keeping. Need a longer archive window? We can set that up as well.

Your email is only backed up until it's not.

Retrieving old emails seems like a relatively simple task. When someone needs an email restored, they email the support company or IT department, who look into the request and start to restore it from backup. This is either on disk or tape depending on the type of backups that are run and the age of the backups being requested. Longer-term backups are often put to tape, which adds to the time it takes to retrieve the data.

The problem is, say the user thinks they deleted the emails “about 3 weeks ago”, when in actuality they deleted the emails over 5 weeks ago. Those emails are long gone. The IT department has just spent time trying to restore the user's data with no luck and the employee still doesn’t have that much needed email. Even worse, they’re not totally sure which email they needed, just a general idea of when and who it was from, maybe with the subject.

If that company used our email archiving service, the employee could log in, search, find and retrieve the emails they’re looking for without ever having to contact anyone for tech support, all within a couple of painless minutes. This helps to ensure privacy from prying eyes in your IT department and helps keep your employees productive and moving ahead.

Let us help you make the transition to cloud-based email archiving! Better yet, migrate over to mailhive for your email services at the same time and we'll save you money on both email and archiving services, keeping your email safe, secured, and stored in Canada.