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How do I setup and configure my iOS 12 Device with ActiveSync?

In this article, we discuss the steps required to setup your iOS devices with the services via the ActiveSync protocolThese instructions are for iOS 12.0 and later. To find out what version of iOS you are running, do the following:

1.) Go into settings
2.) Click on General
3.) Click on About
4.) At about the middle of the page you will see: Version 12.
Provided you meet the above requirements, let's continue.

Go into settings:

Password & Accounts
Click on Accounts & Passwords

Passwords & Accounts
Click on "Add Account"
Then click on "Exchange"


Add in your email and give the account a name

ActiveSync Setup
In the pop up window, choose "Configure Manually"

Manual Configuration
Enter your email password

ActiveSync Password
Check on the "Contacts" tab, if desired and select to "Keep your existing contacts on your iPhone"

Contact Slider
Click Save and you are done.

Finished Configuration

*** Note: This setup should work for older versions of iOS as well.

As always, if you are having issues with this, you can open a ticket with us directly by emailing: or visiting

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