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What are the requirements needed to migrate existing Calendar and Contacts?

Generally, we can migrate any email that's based on standard non secure IMAP (143), SMTP (25) or secured IMAPs (993), SMTPs (465) and SMTP Submission (587)

In certain cases, some email and hosting providers will obfuscate the normal IP addresses for something less commonplace. This is done less with port 25 as that is utilized to deliver mail to internal and external hosts around the world, but can and often is modified for IMAP and IMAPs to try and lock things down. If this is that case with your provider, you simply need to let us know what ports your provider uses and we can implement those requirements on our side.

In order to Migrate your PIM data (Contacts and Calendars), thats a little tricker. We build scripts that utilize each individuals username and password. If you would like to migrate your existing calendars and contacts over to us, you will need to provide us with your email account passwords.

We generally request that on the weekend before we migrate an email domain, that you log into your existing email accounts and set all the passwords with the same password so that we can easily move the mail. On the day that we flip over to the new mail server, we input a password change request upon initial login to the users webmail in order for them to change it to either what it was or something new.

We generally do not want any secure passwords that might also be used for other sites. If this is the case, please change your passwords to something trivial before sending it to us. Once we have all the information, we will start the contacts and calendar migration over to the new host.

Steps for migration:
  1. Users log into their temporary webmail account located at
  2. Upon login, migration of existing email will begin
  3. Users (or administrators) change the passwords of all users en masse before the weekend flip over)
  4. We build the script with the generic passwords and being the migration of calendars and contacts
  5. Upon successful completion of migration, we then put in a password prompt change for users to modify their passwords at next login
  6. Upon completion of successful email password change, users are now free to add their accounts to their local mail applications as outlined in this knowledge base article here.
If you have questions concerning migration, give us call or open a ticket with us at so we can help assist you as we migrate your email over.

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