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Jumbled text and Corrupted Attachments in Outlook

Antivirus software, such as AVAST, can sometimes cause issues with Microsoft Outlook on Windows by jumbling text in your emails or attachments.

If you're viewing these emails on a mobile device, within webmail or other third-party email client, they'll appear to be fine. Same with if you're looking at your email in the archive section of the services we offer.

To stop this from happening, go into your Outlook app on Windows and disable the "Add-ins" plugin.
1. Go to "File".
2. Select "Options".
3. Select "Add-ins".
4. Select "GO".
5. Un-check the third-party antivirus add-in, such as AVAST.

You'll need to remove and re-add your account to get the unreadable emails back in your inbox properly.

As for removing antivirus from your desktop, we recommend that you keep antivirus on your computer, however, we scan all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses. The chances of a virus passing through our filters are highly unlikely.

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