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Enabling Multi-factor (2FA) Authentication.

Our email services are built from the ground up with your security in mind. If you utilize our email in a web browser, either on a desktop or mobile device, enabling multi-factor (2FA) is a definite way to help lock down and protect your email and identity.

Setting up your email with 2FA authentication is easy to do and takes about 3 minutes to initiate. In 2019 99.9% of compromised emails were done by users who did not have multi-factor authentication enabled on their accounts.

First off, you will need to obtain a 2FA application. There are many of them out there. The one that we like and recommend is AUTHY, however you can also use google authenticator or any other multi-factor security application.

Once you download the app on your mobile device, you are ready to head to the next section of this FAQ

This can be done by navigating to our main site at:
You can also do this by navigating to your own webmail site for your organization.

1.) Login with your email address and password.

Webmail Login Page

2.) Once you login, click on the settings in the bottom left hand corner of the window and choose settings

mailhive settings
3.) In the preferences section, click on the 2-Step Verification link "Turn On" button

Once you click turn on you will be prompted to enter in your email address and password once again. This is a security measure to ensure its still your account trying to lock it down:

Webmail re-authenticate

4.) Read and follow along with the getting started message. Once you're ready, click "Get Started"

Getting Started
6.) Launch authy on your mobile device and click the "+" button and then scan the generated QR code from within your account.

Setting up 2-Step Authentication
7.) On your mobile device you should see the following (or something similar)

Authy Mobile
8.) Once you scan your QR code, you can save the new account.

Authy save
9.) On your desktop you should now be prompted for a 6 digit token. This is where you add your generated token. If you are new to multi-factor authentication, you will get a new randomly generated token every 30 seconds.

Authy Token
10.) On your desktop enter in your above token into the verification window to finish the multi-factor setup on your account.

11.) Click next and you should be done. The next time you go to login to your webmail, you will now be required to enter in your token after you provide your email address and password.

Webmail Login

In closing, 2-Step authentication is an extremely fast and safe way for you to increase your email and your organizations email security measures to help keep any outside infiltration at a minimum as it requires not just knowing your email password, but also need to have a secondary authentication measure which hackers will not have access to. By using a token on a different device (your mobile device in this instance), even if a hacker has gained access to your email password, they are still missing an important part to the key in order to gain access to your email account. Without this token, they will never gain access to your email. In this day and age of corporate espionage, it makes sense now to lock down all your accounts that allow multi-factor authentication.

If you email service doesn't currently allow this, you should switch over to mailhive. We are happy to help you make your email more secure and reliable.

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