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Resend as new message

Often when you send an email to someone, you might find that you've missed someone on the initial chain or want to add re-send the email to an entirely different group of people.

This can be messy as users often go into their sent messages folder and then find the email, copy the original text, and then re-create the subject, reformat the body if necessary and then send off the email again. This can be time consuming. We have put together a quick and easy video for you to watch on how to do this.

Edit as new messageWe have a better way! With mailhive, in our webmail interface, you can go into your sent messages, right click on the email, and from the contextual pop-up menu, you can choose "Edit as New Message". This will take the existing message and allow you to send as it its a new message. All you need to do is change the "to / cc" fields and change the name of the salutation in the body of the message if required.

It's a simple, fast, and convenient way to help you better email messages that you need to send and resend quickly.

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