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Setting Up Advanced Out of Office Notifications

Sometimes the built-in out of office responders don't give you enough granularity. While the default built-in out of office responder will cover what you need 99% of the time, there are times where you might find you need better control.

Perhaps you don't want to auto-respond to certain external domains, email lists, or groups that you belong to.

In this article, we'll detail how to build a more advanced out of office response based on the following example:
The user doesn't want to auto-reply with an out of office to any emails:
  1. that contain a certain subject;
  2. that include an email address within their domain, whether it appears in the To, CC or From field;
  3. more than every "X" days since the last email.
You can add all of these settings by creating a filter.

To create a filter:

  1. Log in to your webmail at Login
  2. From the left-hand menu, select the "Settings" icon. In the pop-up window select "Settings" again, and choose the "Filters" tab. Then, select "+ Add Filter".
Filter Settings
3. Give your filter a name. In this example, we called it "Advanced Out of Office".
Fill in your desired settings.

In this example, we have:
Subject: does not contain: listserv
From: contains:
To or CC: contains
Apply filter for: Incoming messages meeting any of the selected conditions

When you're done, select "Next".
Add Filter - Conditions

4. Select the dropdown for the top "Action" and choose "Respond".
Add Filter - Actions

5. Beside the respond action, select "Edit auto-responder options".
Add your auto-reply and then in the auto-responder section, choose your settings.
Once you're happy with it, select "Update".
Out of Office - Message

6. From the "Message Filters" screen, select "Save & close". Your advanced out of office filter has now been saved.
Filter Settings - Overview

Note: Because this is an advanced out of office message, you'll have to manually disable the filter when you want to turn it off. Unlike the normal out of office message that lets you set a date range for the auto respond to start and end, this isn't possible with the advanced filter.

If you also have other filters in the Message Filters section, we recommend that you drag this filter to the top of the list so that it responds before any other filters are applied, such as moving specific emails from certain domains into sub-folders in your email account.

As always, if you have question, concerns or need help, reach out to us by opening a ticket.

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