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Terms & Conditions

Version 1.3 - December 2020

We strive to keep our terms and conditions as easy to understand as possible.

mailhive reserves the right to modify and update our terms of service at anytime and without notification.

mailhive shall be referred to as “We” or “Us”.
The customer shall be referred to as “You” or “Your”.

Our commitment to You
  1. We will ensure consistent encrypted backup of Your data.
  2. We offer support with our dashboard, from, email, and phone support.
  3. We ensure the protection of Your email data and will actively notify You of any inquiries from legal entities and act accordingly.
  4. Under no circumstances will We release email data to authorities unless proper legal paperwork is provided.
  5. We will protect You, the end user, and company data in accordance with the Federal and Provincial laws of Canada.
  6. We offer Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on both our webmail and our dashboard. To help You, the end customer, keep Your data safe, mailhive strongly recommends enabling these technologies on Your accounts.
    Billing and cancellations
  7. We will not end Your services as long as invoices are paid on time.
  8. You agree to email charges of $7.99 per email per month. This includes 50GB of storage per email address and 20GB of archived de-duplicated email per domain.
  9. You agree to pay $0.35 per additional GB of email archive data billed at the end of Your monthly billing cycle.
  10. An account past due payment for over thirty (30) calendar days will be suspended on all platforms.
  11. An account past due payment for over ninety (90) calendar days will have their email and accounts deleted across all platforms, and will be passed to a collections agency.
  12. Upon cancellation of services, We will issue one final bill at the end of Your billing cycle.
  13. Upon cancellation of services, We will maintain the content of Your live and archived email for thirty (30) calendar days. After that time, all email, archives and backup data will be purged across all of our platforms.
Your obligations
14. You will not hold Us liable for any loss of data or interruption of services under any circumstances.
15. You recognize, acknowledge and accept that periodically services may be unavailable.
16. Any data deemed illegal by Federal or Provincial authorities stored on our servers will be reported to authorities and legal action will be taken.
17. You agree not to use our services to send spam in accordance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Failure to comply will result in the immediate suspension of your services. For more information about CASL, visit
18. Any email addresses or domains found to be spamming or attacking internal or external customers and servers will immediately be suspended and domain administrators will be notified of said violation.
19. You agree not to post, share or manipulate Our services in any way that could cause harm to mailhive or any other mailhive customers.
20. You agree to keep passwords safe and secure and use secure and hard to guess (non-dictionary) passwords.

Your privacy
21. We maintain the following records of access:
· IMAP - Port 993
· SMTP - Port 465 / 587
· HTTP - Apache Log Files
· HTTP - NGINX Log Files
· HTTPS - Apache Log Files
· HTTPS - NGINX Log Files
· WAN IP address of email connections
· Email address authentication and failure
· Time connected to Our services
· Last known IP address
22. Your privacy matters. We will never sell your contact information to any third party. Ever.

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