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Setting up Email via ActiveSync (Android)

In this article, we discuss and detail the steps that are required in order for you to setup your email account with the built-in GMAIL Email app provided on Android Devices.

***NOTE: This mail setup was done on Android 8.1.0 (Oreo), but newer and older Android Systems should work in the same manner.

Setting up Email is a quick and painless process. By following these steps you should have your email setup in just a couple of minutes.

Launch the GMAIL app to add a new email account

GMAIL Mail App

Click to Add an Email Address

Add an email address

Choose the Exchange and Office 365 link below

Exchange and Office 365

Enter in your Email address as provided to you by the mailhive support or your IT Department

Enter your email address

Enter in your Email Password as provided to you by the mailhive support staff or your IT Department

Enter your password

When (if) prompted, click on OK on the Redirect Request Pop up. This will allow it to use the autodiscover DNS tool. If you do not yet have this setup on your DNS zone files, open a ticket with us and we can help you get this setup.

Redirect Request

At the next screen, you should see and enter the following information based on your own mail server settings:

Mail Server Settings

At the next page, you will see a warning that the ActiveSync requires allowing access to remotely control some of the security features on your device.

Remote Security Warning

In the next window, you can see the exact settings that the mail server and ActiveSync are looking to manage. If you agree with this, then click the "Active this device admin app"

Activate Device Administration

Give the newly created account a name

Account Naming

You should now see your account and can simply click on the "TAKE ME TO GMAIL" link at the bottom and you will now be able to send and receive your company emails.

Finalize Email

As always, if you are having issues with this, you can open a ticket with us directly by emailing: or visiting

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